We hope you will find the questions on this checklist helpful in evaluating the best possible childcare environment for your family. We encourage you to stop by our center and use this checklist.

Is it state licensed?
Do the hours suit your needs?
Are the fees affordable?
Do the children seem happy?
Are the meals posted and are they appropriate and nutritious?
Is there positive interaction between the children and the staff?
Are there daily activities planned?
Is there an acceptable level of noise?
Are the discipline policies defined and acceptable?
Are there a variety of age appropriate activities planned daily?
Is the child/staff ratio within state guidelines?
Is there well defined areas for active and quiet play?
Are the parents allowed to visit the center at anytime?
Is the staff friendly and cooperative?
Is the staff trained in first-aid and CPR?
Are the different ages appropriately grouped?
Is the staff experienced and trained at working with children?
Is there easily assessable and clean toilet facilities?
Is there large staff turnover?
Is field trips a part of the learning experience?
Did you feel comfortable?
Did you observe good hygiene practices (hand washing, etc.)?
Did the staff seem happy?
If I were a child, would I be happy there?
Did the environment seem safe and clean?
Is the setting inviting?