Readiness Skills

Reading is Fun!

I Can Do it All
by Myself

Reading - Left to Right

Language Has Rhythm

Exploration & Consequences

Task Resolution

Self-Value and Worth

Understanding Diversity,
Concepts of Science

I Can Do It!
Confidence: New Concepts:
Hands-To Eye Coordination

Math Skills

Friendship: Life Skills

Emotion and Expression


What They Do

Circle Time
Story Read
Listen and Discuss

of Books


Art Finger Paint

Drawing: Color and Cut

Mom, See what I did!

Blocks: One Goes on
Top of the Other



Dramatic Play:
We Made Dinner!

What We Did
at Home

Let's Dress Up


Precious Treasures Childcare has a place for children 3 weeks to 11 years of age Monday through Friday from 5:30 AM till 6:00 PM. Call us at 205-884-4847 if you have any questions.

Infants & Toddlers

Loving and nurturing care are two of the most important factors in the healthy development of your infant. Your baby will be held, nurtured by loving caregivers. We took the time to choose the most stimulating toys, colorful books and even the best music. We talk, read to them, cradle, play peek-a-boo, and sing lullaby until they fall asleep. Unlike most, we give you an account of your baby’s care, including sleeping, eating, and diapering.

It is amazing how quickly toddlers progress in all areas of development. They are able to take their actions, teacher direction and then problem solve. This self-discovery is what they thrive on and our safe environment allows each child to develop naturally, at his or her own pace and to do it happily. Our daily account will give you information on diapering, napping, and eating.

Two Year Olds

Two year old love to learn and explore. The world is at their fingertips. Their sense of discovery must be sparked and we do so by providing variety of educational materials and in a creative and colorful environment. The activities assist them in preparing for each transition. The teachers take this time to get all of the children potty trained and ready to move on to the next class. As the children get older we work on early pre-school activities. This will get them ready for pre-school classes later.



Our educational program “High Reach Learning” for the pre-school children begins in September and ends in June, concurrent with the public school year. We stress numbers, colors, alphabet, nature, science, history, lands and people, music, arts, and crafts. Our program is presented through visual aids, flannel board stories and poems, puppets, books, pictures, discussion, and field trips to local points of interest. We have special activities during the year, which include…seasonal parties, pumpkin hunt, hayride, breakfast with Santa, Easter egg Hunt and the end of the year program. We offer dance and computer classes for the pre-school age children.

Our summer program is less extensive for the pre-school, but they are kept busy with crafts, field trips, water activities, and occasional movies.

School Age

Our School age program provides transportation from the local public schools to the Center each afternoon. If your child attends Kennedy Elementary you can drop your child off in the morning for bus pick up. We transport children to and from Lincoln School each day. In the afternoon we pick up from all of the Pell City Elementary Schools. For those children with homework, we have a special time each day to complete assignments. When school is not in session we plan activities and trips for the children.

What They Learn

Help towards
remembering sequences

Left to right progressive

Independent Thinker

How to Remember

Participation and Rhythm

How to Create Ideas
of Their Own

Planning, Implementation
Decision Making

Pride For One’s
Hard Work

Balance: the Start of
Understanding Differences

Imagination: Creativity:
Stacking and Counting

How to Sort

Collaborate, Sharing

To Remember Experiences

Role Playing