Monday Evening, November 14 


Thanksgiving GIFT to our daycare family 

Dinner with all the trimmings 

At the daycare 



Come and bring the family. We are supplying everything. If you want to help with our meal…Sign up in office for dessert or drinks 


Turkey, Baked Ham, Smoked Sausage, Dressing, Rolls, Mac & Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Green bean Casserole, Sweet Potatoes , Corn, Plain Green Beans, Potato Salad and a wide spread of desserts.  


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General Information for ALL families: 


Medicine Procedure: 

*All medicines and any item that is applied to the skin MUST have direction from the doctor.  

*The parent MUST complete a signed medical form  

* Items MUST be in the original container 

No medicines or items to the skin will be administered without Doctor order.  



Authorized Pick Up Procedure: 

*Only people listed on the enrollment form are allowed to pick up a child. 

*Person MUST be authorized “In Writing” if added to a pick up list. 

*No verbal or Over the phone approval for pick up is permitted.  

*Must be written approval. May be sent in email.  

Child WILL NOT BE RELEASED without written approval.  




Brentwood Tuition Price as of January 1, 2022
Registration Fee: $40
Full Time Tuition: $125
(M, T, W, T, F)
Full Time additional child $120
Part Time: $35 per day
(Minimum of 2 days a week)
After School: $ 50 per week
(During school year)
School Age Full Time: $125
(M, T, W, T, F)
Full Time additional child $120