The summer is going by fast. It has been really HOT these past few weeks. Make sure you have your child dressed appropriately.  


Thank you for your patience during this time of change at the Center. We will continue taking temperatures and using lots of sanitation procedure. We will also ask you to come get your child if they show any signs of any illness. 


Just a few reminders: 


It is required by DHR, Food Program & Child Care Central 


* Children must have 2 covers for naptime. (Bottom & Top cover) 

* NO TOYS unless teacher requested ! 

* No sandals, flip flops or crocks. The children will not keep these on their feet and they often get injury to the foot while outside playing. 

* All children need a change of clothes at the Center for those unforeseen incidents during the day.  


Your child is our priority. We will continue the quality care and supervision needed to ensure your child is always in a safe and happy environment.