August 31,2017

Pell City School Van Rider information:

Recently we have been having some discipline issues during the van ride for school age pick up.

To resolve the issues we have taken the following steps:

Children will have assigned seats

All seat belts must be fastened

Children will put their book bags in the front of the van and get them when exiting the van

For a period of time we will have an administrative person on the van to monitor behavior. This will continue until we think the children can behave on the van.

Children will be written up for unacceptable behavior while on the van.

Written warning first time and one a day van suspension for 2nd write up.

If behavior issues continue there will be a parent conference and possible removal from the van.

We want your child to feel safe on the van and not be bullied by other students.

Please address these issues with your child. We appreciate your working with us in this matter.

Ms. Janet

Ms. BrezzieType your paragraph here.


Fall is in the air and the days are going to get cooler. Please have your child dressed for the changing weather. Mornings cool… afternoons may be warm. Just love this southern temperature changes.

Let’s get the year off to a great start!!!

Curriculum fee:

There is an Annual Curriculum fee of $40 for each child. This is to purchase items needed for the classes such as paper, craft activities, Scholastic books given to children during the year, special days, decorations for halls & bulletin boards, Toner for copy machine and much more. Due by October 1.

School Supplies:

Everyone should have school supplies by now. We are always in the need for wipes. These are used for more than diaper changes. During the day we clean after play, snack, crafts, and accidents.

Required needs:

Every child must have 2 covers for naptime. These are taken home each week to be washed and returned Monday.

Every child must have a change of clothes and extra underwear

Office needs:

Current Immunization form on file

Up to date Emergency Contact Information

Sign in & out each day. (Must have signature and time)


Dress for the weather


They do not stay on the feet and children get injuries to the feet.

Child Nutrition Program:

We are a part of the Federal Food Program for children. The program is moving toward a healthier menu for the children. We are incorporating many food items to follow these new guidelines.

You will see less sugar cereals in the morning, more whole grain foods, more fresh vegetables and fruit and healthier afternoon snacks. The afternoon snack is the hardest to comply. If you have any Great Healthy Snack ideas… we are open for suggestions.

Important dates to mark on your calendar…

September 04 CLOSED Labor Day

September 08 Grandparents Day (eat with your child at lunch) Sign up at the classroom door ASAP.

September 13 Vision Screening by Focus First (morning)

September 22 Riverside Police visit preschool children 9:00

September 25 Nurse Karen visit with preschool children 9:00

September 28 PICTURE DAY for all childrenType your paragraph here.