This school year has been an adventure. We are so glad to be back with your children this month.  It is our goal to keep your children safe and healthy while at Brentwood. We will be doing constant sanitizing and disinfecting each day. The teachers are working hard to make your return as smooth as possible. Our regular activities will eventually get back to normal…. maybe not as we once knew, but close.  


FYI: Since the children have been at home for an extended time there will be some separation anxiety that will naturally occur. It will be natural for the children to possibly cry when left at the Center. We are aware of this and will do everything to help the transition back to day care a positive experience. 


END of YEAR Celebration & Picnic for all classes 

The target date is May 30. 

This will be located at the school age play area 

There will be a bouncy house for the children 

We are going to make this a special day for the children & families. 




School Age Summer Program 


Our Summer Program for School Age children will begin once the school year is over. We will again have the $50 activity fee for June and $50 activity fee for July. This can be split $25 + $25 for each month. No child will be allowed to go on any outside activity, including swimming, until the entire activity fee or split activity fee is paid. The activity fee is for each child. There is no discount for siblings. The activity fee is in addition to the regular tuition. The fee will cover admission to activities, and transportation during the month.