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The chill is in the air and the children are busy inside. Remember to have the children dressed for the cool days. However, also remember that we do occasionally have the warmer days.


The illness policy is “24 HOUR FEVER FREE” before a child is to return to the Center. Please be considerate of other children and the staff if your child is or has been sick. Tylenol and Motrin cover the fever for a short while (the child is still sick!). A fever is usually the beginning of something to come. When a child has a fever that is the time that the illness can be passed onto other children. Remember the commercial on TV… “The child that won’t share the toys will share the illness.” Please work with us to keep the children as well as possible at the Center. We know that you have to work and sometimes there is no one to watch your child…. but, we also have to think about the children that are not sick. No over the counter medicines are allowed at Brentwood.


Valentine parties will be Wednesday, February 14. The class will have the party list at their doors for you to sign. The teachers will have a list of children for Valentines in the children’s cubbies or mailboxes. 



Parents remember that belts, tights, overalls, onesies and tight pants are not suited to a child that is going to potty. The child gets frustrated trying to get these items off and often has accidents.



      We are having a Spring Fundraiser for the Center. All items are $8. The child that sells the most over $100 will receive a week free tuition. The class that sells the most will have an Ice Cream Party. Proceed will go toward class supplies and equipment. Deadline, Monday Feb 19 for order and payment.


Free childcare!!!! Any family that refers someone to Brentwood and they enroll will receive one week free childcare. The free week is given after the new child has been enrolled for one month. If they have two children then you get free childcare for two children.


We will be doing the Baby sitting for Valentine’s. On Friday 09, from 6:00-10:00 pm. The cost $25 for one child and each additional child is $5. We will have pizza, movie and popcorn. You can bring their PJ’s if you want to. Sign up in the office. 




Tax Statement Letter … Anyone requesting a statement of childcare expenses for taxes needs to sign the list posted at the office bulletin board. You will receive your letter within two days.
The day care Tax ID #is 63-1152840. This is your receipt.
Any outstanding balance for tuition should be paid ASAP. We are trying to close the books for the year. If you have a question about your payment contact the office.
Place payments in the payment box by the office door. Please do not place the payment on my desk or expect the teacher to know that it is left in a child’s bag.
Remember to mark the week of payment on the check or on the envelope when paying tuition.




Valentine Baby Sitting Friday, February 9.
Valentine Parties Wednesday, February 14.
Fundraiser money & orders due Monday, February 19