November Newsletter 


Get those jackets out and the long pants on…Cold weather is finally here! Remember to dress your child for the weather. This time of the year it is cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. The children need a change of clothing for temperature changes. You may need to look at your child’s extra clothes to see if the clothes still fit or if the clothes are weather appropriate. Please return any clothing that belongs to Brentwood so we will have for emergencies. We are always in need of pants under wear and shirts for children accidents. (all sizes) 


The ANNUAL THANKSGIVING DINNER will be Thursday, November 16th.  This year the dinner will be held at New Life Assembly of God, which is located on Hwy 78 down from the daycare toward Pell City. The day care will supply the turkey, ham, smoked sausage, dressing, and rolls. The families will supply the side dishes, desserts, and drinks. All classes will be notified as to what items are needed for the dinner for your child’s class. The dinner will begin at 7:00pm. All families are encouraged to attend and take time to get to know other parents and the staff better. Don’t miss this fun evening. Hopefully there will be special entertainment that you will not want your child to miss. The sign-up sheet for the dinner will be posted at the teacher’s doors. Please sign up for your food item and the number of people attending. HOPE EVERYONE CAN ATTEND!!!! 


Food assignments: 

BrentwoodTurkey & Ham & Sausage, Dressing & Rolls 

Nursery: 2 Liter drinks & Tea 


Young 2’sDessert 

Older 2’sSide Dish 

Three’sSide Dish 

Four’sSide Dish 

School AgeDessert or Side Dish 

StaffSide Dish or Dessert & Drink 


The family dinner is fun for all and a time to sit back and relax and get to know staff and other families better.  


Fundraiser Idea for November: 

We are working on a fundraiser idea for your Thanksgiving Dinner. We will be taking orders for “Preister’s” Pecan Pies. These are the same Priester’s Pecans on the way to the beach. (Left side past Montgomery). Great Pecan Pies! We are working on confirming the details.  




PARENT’S NIGHT OUT !!! DEC 16… 6:00-10:00 

 We will watch your children and you can go Christmas shopping, dinner, movie or just escape without your child or children for the evening. We will have a movie & dinner for the kids. Bring PJ’s and we will have them ready for bed at pick up. Cost $25 per child and $5 for each additional child. 


Child Nutrition Program:  

We are a part of the Federal Food Program for children. The program is moving toward a healthier menu for the children. We are incorporating many food items to follow these new guidelines.  

You will see less sugar cereals in the morning, more whole grain foods, more fresh vegetables and fruit and healthier afternoon snacks. The afternoon snack is the hardest to comply. If you have any Great Healthy Snack ideas… we are open for suggestions.  


Collecting Canned Goods…for Thanksgiving 

We will be collecting canned goods or non-perishable items for the “Love Pantry” for Thanksgiving. These items will be given to families in the Pell City area. Now is the perfect time for children to learn to share with other children that are not as fortunate.  



All children must be signed in and out each day. 

The state requires your signature NO INITIALS! 


Tuition is to be paid promptly. There is no reduction in tuition for holidays, sickness or inclement weather. The reasons being that our operating costs are averaged out over the entire year.  



Nov. 16Thursday Annual Family Dinner...7:00 New Life Assembly   

Nov. 17FridayLast day to donate to the “Love Pantry” 

Nov. 23ThursdayThanksgiving … CLOSED 

Nov. 24FridayThanksgiving…  CLOSED 


Dec. ???????Breakfast with Santa  

Dec. 08FridayParent’s night out 6:00-10:00 

Dec. 25MondayChristmas Holiday ... CLOSED 

Dec. 26TuesdayChristmas Holiday ... CLOSED 


Jan. 01MondayCLOSED News Years Holiday 

Jan. 02TuesdayOPEN… OPEN… OPEN