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The summer is going by fast. We have had a lot of rain and the children have “Cabin Fever”. They are so ready to get outside to play.


Just a few reminders:

* Children must have 2 covers for naptime. (Bottom & Top cover)

* NO TOYS unless teacher requested !

* No sandals, flip flops or crocks. The children will not keep these on their feet and they often get injury to the foot while outside playing.

* All children need a change of clothes at the Center for those unforeseen incidents during the day.


PICTURE DAYS for all children is July 30 & 31. The School Age class will have pictures on Monday. The other classes will begin youngest first. The studio will have dress up clothes for the children for this photo shoot. No need to special dress the children for picture day.


“Fun Day Lunch” (July 11) will be Wendy’s kid’s meal this month. We will serve milk & fruit with the meal. School Age will bring lunch for Field Trip to Noccalula Falls.


Your child is our priority. We will continue the quality care and supervision needed to ensure your child is always in a safe and happy environment.