School is starting soon and maybe the weather will begin to cool down. Please remember we will continue with temperature checks at the door. Please keep your child home if running a high temperature, excessive cough and runny nose. We are fever free for 24 hours place. Please help us stay well!


Tuition Rates for the School Age Children is $45 per week for one child and $40 per week for additional children. There is no part time fee for school age children. Flat rate for each week… no matter how many days they attend.


Each child will receive a new information form to be filled out. We need you to up- date your information each year. Often there are phone numbers that have changed. We must have current formation for us to better communicate with you.


It is imperative that you have a current “Blue Form” or Immunization form on file.

This required by the State on all children enrolled. Those needing to up-date forms are listed on the front door.


Reminders for your child:

Each child needs class supplies ASAP for the year.

Each child needs 2 cot covers for nap

Each child needs a change of clothes for accidents or end of day change

NO FLIP FLIPS OR SANDALS !!!!!! Many children are still wearing these and are having trouble keeping them on their feet.

School Age children should have pencil and paper for homework.


Day care classes begin instruction activities at 8:00.

It is imperative that you have your child in class no later than 8:30.

Children must have a regular schedule each day in order to have a smooth transition for home to school. When that routine is changed the child is uncertain of what is coming next.


School Age: If your child will not be attending in the afternoon it is imperative that we know by 1:30 that day. The van drivers must know daily attendance. We are picking up at several schools and will not have time to delay waiting for a child that has been checked out.


Please remember… NO TOYS from home.

Unless the teacher is having “Show & Tell” Day in class.


Class supplies: ASAP…

We would appreciate no later than Friday, August 21.


Nursery, Toddler & Young 2's:

Each teacher will have a class supply list posted at their door.

Extra clothes, constant need for baby wipes, diapers or pull-ups. Baby wipes are used for more than just diaper changes...we clean faces & hands after eating and outside play. The teachers would love donations of wipes to use for general use beyond the diaper changes.


Older 2's and Pre-school classes...

Each teacher will have a class supply list posted at their door.

The Older Two’s are in “pull-ups or underwear”. Please no Diapers!

Baby wipes are used for more many things...we clean faces & hands after eating, clean up after class activities and outside play. The teachers would love donations of wipes during the year to use for general use beyond the occasional potty accident.


FYI… The children will be outside more often as the weather begins to cool. Our playgrounds are “high traffic” areas and we have dirt. Please do not dress in fancy outfits.  If you want…We will change your child’s outfit at the end of the day.




We are looking forward to a great year...

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child’s life.



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Fall is in the air and the days are going to get cooler. Please have your child dressed for the changing weather. Mornings cool… afternoons may be warm. Just love this southern temperature changes. 


Required needs:

Every child must have 2 covers for naptime. These are taken home each week to be washed and returned Monday.

Every child must have a change of clothes and extra underwear

Remember the three & four year classes are in a “NO PULLUP ZONE”

All of these children are to be in “Big Kid” pants



Dress for the weather


They do not stay on the feet and children get injuries to the feet.


Grandparent’s Day Luncheon: Friday, September 11

Grandparents Day (eat with your child at lunch)

Sign up at the classroom door ASAP.


We are going to have a special activity for September…



Posted near on the office window will be pictures of baby staff and a sheet for your guess. You may try to guess all or just one teacher picture. The person with the most correct guesses will win a Pizza Party for their child’s class.  If it is a nursery parent winner we will come up with something other than Pizza Party.